Be Your Own Bodyguard ... and Walk Away Alive



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Kung Fu Warriors exists to provide anyone with the knowledge, techniques and wisdom with self defense skills. These skills are provided from an eclectic background of various martial arts and primarily Kung Fu styles.

Sifu Mike (Michael Jakubowski) has over 45 years in martial arts. His earliest days were in Shotokan Karate and this led him to a blended Karate style under Sensei Bernie Fleeman. Sensei Bernie had two black belts, one in Shotokan and another in Kempo. He also studied privately under Bruce Lee.

Sensei Bernie opened the door for Sifu Mike to attend the first classes at the Phillipino Academy, Dan Inosanto's first school to teach Jeet Kune Do. At that time you needed a martial arts background just to be considered for enrollment. Sifu Mike attended the Academy and began his new journey in Kung Fu. That was in the Fall of 1970!

Now Sifu Mike enjoys empowering students with skills to defend themselves from being physically attacked on the street. His motto is "Learn To Be Your Own Bodyguard and Walk Away Alive!"


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...Sifu Mike