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Boxing or American Boxing is a very tough and destructive system. It is limited to few punches and blocks but these are performed with great speed, strength and timing. Additionally, the footwork and body work give boxing  the credibility is deserves as a serious, viable fighting style.

Fighting is in close range where the punches are quite devastating. The only "long" distance range is when a cross is used but the range is still fairly close. The close range is used because no kicks are used and most punches are the hook and upper cut which use a bent elbow to execute.

Punches are primarily “corkscrew” in design and these are very powerful. They are intended to knock out the opponent by attacking the head. They also inflict pain and damage to vital organs by repeatedly pounding the chest region or wear down the blocking arms of the opponent for final destruction. The punches used are the jab, the cross, the upper cut and the hook shot.  

Blocks are limited to using arms for absorbing the impact of powerful and devastating punches; called the “shield” like knights in armor. Other similar blocks are used for deflecting away a punch and this requires great timing. Also used are parries for redirecting a punch and “catches” that absorb the punch much like a catchers glove does in baseball.  

Footwork is very important because it puts the fighter close enough to deliver powerful and then retreat from any responding attacks the opponent may make. Additionally, the fighter may continue the onslaught attack around the opponent.  

Power is used developed by using the torque of the body and the lifting of the heel on the foot that is on the same side as the punch. Lifting the heel in unison with torqueing the body creates a powerful punch. 

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