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Elbow strikes are very dangerous weapons to have in your offensive arsenal because they cause intense pain that demand and get immediate respect from your foe. When an elbow strike hits, it screams loud and clear that it is here to hurt and your opponent listens devoutly.


The elbow comes speeding in and strikes squarely at its target, thrashing and plummeting into it with intense veracity. When it hits as planned your opponent is stunned with recognition. If it slices instead of making full contact the pain is still highly effective and causes serious stinging sensations that ring out loudly that it was just here.


To use the Elbow Strike for an attack the first thing to remember is that you must be extremely close to your opponent. Despite what you see in movies, you are within several inches of your opponent. Put your bent arm up and out in front of you with your elbow straight out. This should be 12 to 18 inches, depending on the length of your arm. Regardless of its length this is the distance that you need to make contact and inflict damage and pain to your opponent. And you are even closer when you are targeting the mandible for a knock out.


This distance to your opponent means extreme closeness. It also means incredible speed which makes it a difficult target to stop and maybe see.


The elbow is great for striking the knock out points or even anywhere on the head. When striking any part of the head you will connect with bone on bone and your elbow will feel some pain but your opponent will feel a sudden shock that jolts the entire head. Obviously the knock out points will immediately respond to the strike as they are prime targets to cause your opponent to be unconscious.


When possible the kidneys are also very useful targets as they respond quickly to the power of the strike. The pain is driven deep into them, passing the floating ribs and channeling pain into the midst of them. If you place one hand on the other side of the kidney as the elbow strikes, the driving force of the elbow blow is transmitted into the depth of the kidney and stays there signaling more pain to your opponent's body and brain.


Another target to strike with an elbow is the bicep or tricep of your opponent. The slashing strike of the elbow sends intense pain into the muscle region and your opponent will immediately feel the sting or even get a "charley horse" muscle cramp. This buys you a quick moment or two to follow with more strikes that may likely allow you to win at that moment.


Still another valuable strike is to attack the fist of an oncoming punch as it speeds toward you. This is a seldom used defensive attack that most fighters forget about but highly emphasized at Kung Fu Warriors. It is attacking the attack.


To accurately perform the Elbow Strike you must use only the tip of the elbow. This is all bone and is the deadliest part of your weapon. If you use any other part you will lose significant destructive power. Worse yet, you may hurt yourself as the muscle in your forearm will smash against your opponent’s bones.


Most fighters are too busy striking with their elbows and don’t think about covering their body while attacking. While it is true that the impacts of the elbows are devastating, your opponent may be attacking you as you begin your assault and you could be severely damaged while inflicting the same damage upon your opponent. To avoid this, use your other hand, the one not used for elbow striking, to cover your center or your kidney. This takes a moment to do which you could use for speed striking but the safety is well worth the time to strike.


There are eight (8) strikes to use with the elbows. First is coming down at an angle from upper right to bottom left on the Number 1 line and then, second, is coming back up the same, Number 1 line. Third and fourth are coming down at an angle from upper left to bottom right on the Number 2 line and then back up it again. Fifth and sixth are coming across horizontally on the Number 4 line and back again. Seventh and eighth are moving straight up and then back down.


The elbow is an impressive weapon to be feared and honored. You should use it whenever possible. Make a move to use it and you will be awesome. You must remember that you need to be in very close to use it which intimidates both inexperienced fighters who attempt to use it and also the recipient who receives the destruction that the elbow brings. Use it to bring you closer to your opponent and closer to winning.



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