Be Your Own Bodyguard ... and Walk Away Alive




The elbow strike moving upwards or downward is the Elbow Strike On the Number 4 Line. This is the least frequently used elbow hit to be used by all fighters. Despite it’s powerfully destructive power, few ever consider it as a weapon.  


Like all elbow strikes, the tip of the elbow is used. The most common use is to aim for the bottom of the chin on a straight upward path. Although the chin is not a key knockout spot, a powerful strike to it can cause the entire jaw to smash into both mandible knockout spots, just below the ears. The jaw moves upward causing the head to jolt backwards beginning the knock out process. This works to your advantage especially if you continue with a series of elbow strikes and charge forward.   


You will aim for the chin because of the two mandibles at the end of the jaw and your goal is to knock out your opponent and these are your main targets are to accomplish that goal. The straight upward movement begins that process. If your elbow arcs forward a little more your opponent’s head will move backwards somewhat and even cause a backwards curve in the back. This will help bring your opponent downwards due to being unbalanced.  


This upward smash is also very useful against a punch or kick when you elbow strike it at the oncoming fist or foot. This is attacking the attack. These moves are intended to either eliminate the weapon from further use or to cause a moment of “unconsciousness” when your opponent temporarily is in so much pain that all focus is on the stunned fist or foot. At this time you charge forward with your attacks because your opponent’s guard is done.  


Attacking the bicep and/or tricep are also great targets. When a punch comes at you, move to the outside of your opponent and execute the Elbow Down the Number 4 Line and smash into your opponent’s forearm and/or bicep. If you are facing your opponent you can block or deflect a punch causing the arm to end in the middle of your opponent’s chest leaving it open for your elbow to attack it. A Pak Sao/Slap Hand is a perfect move to use to accomplish this. Either upwards or downwards this will cause pain to your opponent. 


The quad or front upper leg of your opponent is also a useful target as the muscle will get very sore very quickly. The downward strike is best to use on these targets. Also, the closer to the tendon of the muscle at the knee is very sensitive and can cause the muscle to jerk uncontrollably. Therefore strike this whenever you can. Attacking the calf or upper rear muscle of the lower leg which is behind the shin will also be performed by smashing downward. When you are grapplling or on the ground you will attack both these targets. 


When your opponent’s back is exposed is a perfect time to use this move, too. An elbow being driven into the back of the kidney will announce your success by screaming loudly into your opponent that you are in it to win it. The back or nape of the neck is also a deadly spot to attack but only use it when defending your life as this can be seriously damaging. 


All body parts should be attacked with the Elbow Strike on the Number 4 Line. Whether you are travelling down or up, you will seriously hurt and do damage to your opponent and put yourself into a winning position. 



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