Be Your Own Bodyguard ... and Walk Away Alive





The elbow strike moving down from your upper left and across your body to your lower right is the Elbow Down the Number 2 Line. This is the second most common elbow strike used by fighters and it is also very deadly.


The tip of the elbow has the main goal to strike the right mandible of your opponent to induce a knock out. If you do not have a complete elbow hit and yet still make contact on your opponent, you will cause intense damage to the jaw and/or chin. The nose will probably break and you will see blood will flowing freely.


Your main target is the head because you want to knock out your opponent and this is where you will achieve that goal. However, you have many other targets to attack that will cause your opponent to break down resistance and drop guard. For example, when the forearms are used for protection as seen when covering the face/head, attack these and to break a bone or cause intense pain and bruising. Your opponent will eventually drop these and expose the head for your attacks. 


Attacking the bicep and/or tricep are also great targets. When a punch comes at you, move to the outside of your opponent and execute the Elbow Strike Down the Number 2 Line and crash into your opponent’s fist, forearm and/or bicep. A Pak Sao/Slap Hand is a perfect move to use to accomplish this.


The quad or front upper leg of your opponent is also a useful target as the muscle will get very sore very quickly. Another leg area to attack is the calf or upper rear muscle of the lower leg which is behind the shin. Wrestling or “ground work” is when these targets are open and possible targets.


Travelling down the Number 2 Line with the left arm/elbow is how this movement is usually executed, but your other arm/elbow, the right, can also move on the Number 2 Line. For this movement, the right arm/elbow moves upwards starting at the lower right traversing across the body to the upper left. The targets remain the same but now the tricep will be targeted not the bicep.


Any part of the body part can and should be hit with the Elbow Strike on the Number 2 Line. Whether you are travelling down or up, you will seriously hurt and do damage to your opponent and position yourself into a winning position.


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