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The elbow strike moving horizontally from right to left or from left to right is the Elbow on the Number 3 Line. This is the third most frequently used elbow strike that fighters use. Like all elbow strikes, it is an awesome weapon.


The tip of the elbow aims for the side of the jaw and as close to where the jaw connects with the skull, just below the ear lobe. It travels on a straight path that is parallel to the ground. If you are not close enough you can aim for the bottom of the chin and still be quite successful. The chin is not your real goal but a powerful strike to it can cause the entire jaw to be dislocated. Furthermore, your real benefit is when one side of the jaw smashes into the mandible knockout spot, just below the ear. This will be the other side of the jaw that you just smashed into with your elbow strike. The side of the jaw that you hit will pull outward and possibly be dislocated. At the very least, it will hurt for a long time. As the jaw moves sideways, following the direction or flow of your elbow, your opponent's head will either follow it or jolt along with it.  


The sideways elbow strike on the number 3 line is great when you use it at as an offensive defense move at against a punch or kick. It is always a surprise to your opponent when you attack that oncoming attack. It is a painful shock when you deliver it with the intensity that an elbow has.


You are not limited to fists and punches with the elbow strike on the number 3 line. One other body part to zero in on is the kidney. Attacking the kidney is executed when you sink or drop your body level, step the side and expose the kidney. This may require your thrusting your opponent's arm up if it is in the way. You may also first use this strike against the bicep first.   


Other body parts to hit are the forearms. Many fighters will put up both their forearms in front of their face to protect themselves. Their fists are above their eyes, their forearms are straight up and close together and their elbows point to the ground. This happens often with boxers. The forearms are completely exposed and ready for your attacks.


Normally this move starts where your arm is on outside of your body and it moves across your body towards the other side. This would be from right to left for a right side dominant fighter and from left to right for a left dominant fighter. Like all elbow strikes, it can traverse in the other direction. This is useful if you miss the strike or if you want to come back with a surprise smashing blow. It is seldom used but ready for your use nonetheless.


The devastation from the Elbow on the Number 3 Line in immense. It is usually used in destroying your opponent's jaw then sending your opponent reeling in pain and it is also a great weapon to tear down your opponent's guard. This elbow strike is one that you need to have always ready.



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