Be Your Own Bodyguard ... and Walk Away Alive




Elbow strikes moving down from your upper right and across your body to your lower left are the Elbow Strikes on the Number 1 Line. This is the most common elbow strike used by fighters and it is very deadly. The elbow hits with incredible accuracy and devastation.


The tip of the elbow aims primarily for the left mandible of your opponent to score a knock out. If the elbow hit is not solid but scrapes your opponent, you will still be inflicting serious pain as the jaw will be sent reeling and probably be out of joint. If you scrape the nose you will likely break it and blood will soon be gushing out.


The head is the most common target because it is there you will get the knock out. There are other targets of interest which will lead you to victory. For example, if your opponent puts up both forearms for protection, you can strike these and eventually your opponent will begin to drop them due to the pain or even possibly due to a broken bone.


Another useful target is the bicep and/or tricep. If your opponent has an arm in front of you or you side step to your opponent’s side, use the Elbow Down the Number 1 Line and smash it hard. You can also execute this move by moving your opponent’s punch across your body which will expose the bicep. A common move to do this is a Pak Sao/Slap Hand.


You can also execute this on your opponent’s leg. The quad or front upper leg is yery susceptible to this as is the calf or upper rear muscle, behind the shin. Next time you are grappling on the floor, use this to bring surprisingly painful moments to you opponent.


Moving down the Number 1 Line with the right arm/elbow is the most common way to perform this move, however, the left arm/elbow can also travel on the Number 1 Line. For this maneuver, the left arm/elbow moves upwards starting at the lower left traveling across the body to the upper right. The elbow strikes are the same except that the tricep will be attacked instead of the bicep.


Whenever a body part is exposed, attack it with the Elbow Strike on the Number 1 Line, moving upwards or downwards to inflict serious pain and set yourself up to win.


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