Be Your Own Bodyguard ... and Walk Away Alive



By Sifu Mike

When you are fighting for real, you must always go for the knock out. You are no longer training because this is what you trained for: the real deal. It is time to see what you are made of.

To go for the knock out you must know where the knock out places are and know what happens. There are nerves that cause a person to lose consciousness (get knocked out, or KO'ed or blacked out) when they are hit. They are at the mandible which is where the end of the jaw meets the skull.

An easy way to remember where the mandible is, simply aim for the bottom of the ear lobe. This is an easy target to aim for and remember.


The best strikes to use are the boxing hook punch, a hammerfist punch, a cross punch, an elbow smash, a knee smash, a heel kick, a roundhouse kick or a Muay Thai kick. All these depend upon your position and distance to your opponent. Although others could be used, these are the best because they generate significant power to trigger the knock out into your opponent.

The hook punch will be used when facing your opponent head on or face to face. This punch is ideal for a knock out because it comes in quickly and with the elbow bent it can get past your opponent's shielding arm.

The hammerfist is also used when facing your opponent head on or face to face. The hammerfist must be performed with significant power to be effective. If insufficient power is delivered the best you can hope for is a good sting or stun instead of the desired knock out, however it will still momentarily slow down your opponent. If this happens, you must immediately continue with a barrage of hits with great intensity.

The cross is very useful because it naturally generates significant power, especially when the body is torqued during delivery. The cross can be used when the opponent has the head turned in such a way that a profile is shown and the ear/mandible are directly exposed in front of you. Another position where it is used is when you are at a 90 degree angle from your opponent has a full body profile, again poising the ear/mandible ready for attack.

The knee is very destructive because the leags are very big and powerful. They are seldom used on the head simply because they are not at head level very often. But when the head is reachable by the knees the result is devastating, especially when the knee strikes the ear/mandible knock out spot.

The heel is most commonly used in three types of kicks. The first and most frequently used is the spinning heel kick. This is performed when you face your opponent head on or face to face.

Your spin generates power and by the time you make contact you have created an incredibly destructive force. That compounded with the sensitivity of the nerves provides a knock out that is extremely effective. the other heel kicks are the stomp where your opponent is down below your knee level (usually on the ground or trying to get up) and the heel straight kick where your opponent is standing at a profile, exposing the ear/mandible directly in front of you. Now you drive your heel straight into the knock out spot.

The roundhouse kick is a very common Karate kick and ther are several variations to it. They all end up being the same by the time the kick is completed; the ball of the foot connects to the opponent with great speed and significant power. Your position is head on or face to face and the kick moves at lightning speed to the ear/mandible. It is very effective.

The Muay Thai kick is very effective because these kicks generate an incredible amount of power. They are not often used at the head level but when they are they are an awesome weapon. Usually the shin is used as the battering ram. However, the instep is used on occasion but what it lacks in power it gains in providing more distance. This kick, too, is used when facing your opponent head on or face to face.

The two knock out spots under the ear or at the mandible are the real knock out spots. They can be attacked together when you attack the chin. A strike here forces the entire jaw back into both set of nerves at the same time increasing the effectiveness immensely. The best strikes on the jaw are the boxing cross, a single or double palm strike, a knee kick or a front kick which can be a heel, front snap or stomp. All these are performed from a head on or face to face position.


















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