Be Your Own Bodyguard ... and Walk Away Alive



When a bully or punk comes up and hits you what do you do?

If you said "say Stop It!" you're wrong! Dead wrong. A bully or punk only understands hitting so you need to hit back harder. A lot harder. And probably several times in several places.

Why? you ask. Because that person just spoke to you in the only language that the bully knows: Anger.

So to "talk" back you need to speak in the same language...but much, much louder.

You need to be heard. You need to be respected. You need to be left alone.

But what should you use to attack? A kick? A punch? An elbow? If you're a foot away can you deliver that kick? If you're in very close can you deliver a devasting punch? Are you in close enough to deliver an effective elbow smash? But which is best?

Learn to fight with as many personal body weapons as possible because there's a time and place for everything.

Do you need to be a kung fu master to deliver your attacks? Do you know how to do kung fu accurately? Are you a real kung fu fighter? Here is where you learn what is kung fu and how it can save you.

Listed here are different types of attacks used in Kung Fu fighting. These are all offensive or aggressive in nature and designed to cause the most damage to your opponent. Click on an attack for the article now:

Boxing Jab






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