Be Your Own Bodyguard ... and Walk Away Alive



A few years ago a small group of us Warriors had some fun at the Pasadena (California) Doo Dah Parade. We did several routines that we had practiced for showing off: syncronized (staged) fighting drills. It was a hoot!

You'll see us here getting ready and then performing a few drills. Tom was nervous at first but quickly got over it. So much so that he and Vince wanted to add more routines for next year. Unfortunately next year never came as they decided once was enough.


Arvee noticed some guys holding up signs giving us "8s". I never saw them but got a kick out of it. Some day I'd like to go back and get 10s...with a large group of warriors, though.

At one point, just before the end, I saw several TV cameras and stopped the group for us to perform all routines. The guys never saw them but that's OK. I did.

We performed a routine and then marched forward a bit just to repeat it all.

Until next time...

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