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The Boxing Cross Punch or the Cross Punch or, simply the Cross, is a punch used to deliver a powerful blow to your opponent. It is frequently used to knock out or stop your opponent immediately. It generates its power from using all the force brought into it by bringing the arm back to a further starting point and then picking up speed and power as it travels across the body.

 It is compared to throwing a ball, any ball. The arm with the ball moves back behind the body and then travels across the body and picks up speed and power until the ball is let go onto its journey. The further and/or faster you want the ball to go, the more you bring back your arm. This creates power. This is seen in any ball sport, soccer or baseball or (American) football or volleyball or even in serving the ball in tennis.  



The arm starts by being completely bent at the elbow. 

The elbow is straight down. 

The hand is upwards and, ideally, open although many fighters keep their hands closed or clenched in a fist. Boxers will always keep their hands clenched because that is the nature of their fighting style.

The hand is best located near the ear. It can be lower near the shoulder/deltoid but this does not provide a shield while preparing for delivery.

The fist is a few to several inches away from the body.

The punch starts out moving directly across the upper body, straight like an arrow that was just released from a fully pulled bow.

The arm moves outward until fully straightened at which time it is pounded into the targeted spot of your opponent. This should always be the knock out spot. The power is much like a cannon and this is a common metaphor for comparing the delivery of a cross punch.

The arm is usually returned to the starting position ready for its next move. An alternative action is to perform some other technique, depending upon your skills and the position of your opponent after your punch. 


This punch is appropriatedly called, "the cross" because of the way the punch moves straight across the body.







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