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The Hammerfist Punch or simply the Hammerfist, is a punch seldom used but has surprisingly useful advantages. It can be used on your opponent's head or kidneys with very good results. It is can also be used when smashing your opponent's "privates" (groin area).  

The Hammerfist uses the bottom of the clenched fist for the strike. It gets its name from being like the striking head of a hammer used to drive nails into wood.  

There are three main types of strikes where the Hammerfist is used. First is using to strike the side of the head aiming for the temple or the ear or, best yet, the mandible/ear lobe. Second is to smash an exposed body part such as the nose or neck (front or back) and only when life is in danger. Some fighters will use the Hammerfist to strike at the collar bone because it is easily broken and is needed to help lift an arm. Once broken, the arm cannot be lifted leaving the opponent very vulnerable...and in pain! Third is when you have a downward shot to the groin area of your opponent. This, as any man knows, is painful.



The hand is clenched in a fist with the thumb upwards. 

The arm is bent about half way. The forearm is not straight with the upperarm. Instead there as an angle of about 45 degrees. 

The fist is just above or at the same height as the shoulders.  

The arm moves in the direction of the target area. 

While the arm moves, the forearm begins to straighten out. 

At the moment of impact the arm is either completely straight or nearly. This helps generate power. 


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