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The Boxing Hook Punch or the Hook Punch or, simply the Hook, is a punch used to deliver a powerful and devastating blow to your opponent. It can knock out your opponent or cause your opponent to be severely stunned and "see stars". These "stars" are little silvery dots that are seen as a person begins to lose consciousness. 

The power comes from twisting the body during delivery and by locking the arm and shoulder while punching. It is sneaky because your opponent could have a shield up and you can still deliver the punch past the arms creating the shield. Or, if your opponent has shoulder/deltoids and hands covering the mandible knock out spot, you can still hit them and cause the blow to pass through them into the knock out spot causing a stunning action. 



The arm starts by being completely bent at the elbow. 

The elbow points to the ground. 

The hand is clenched in a fist with the thumb upwards. 

The fist-hand is usually in front of you, whether in a right or left lead or in a neutral stance with both hands in front.

The fist-hand is ideally 12 - 18 inches away.

The fist-hand is in the upper chest area, ideally just below the chin.

The punch starts out by lifting the entire arm in one continuous and smooth flow using the elbow to start the movement.

As the elbow moves upward, the fist-hand begins to move upward until the entire arm and hand become level with the ground.

The fist-hand should be at the level of the target which should always be the knock out spot. 

Now with fist-hand ready to deliver the Hook, the entire body works in harmony as the torso and ball of the foot quickly turn with the punch into one solid snap of power.

By using the entire body, along with the legs and foot, maximum power is generated and delivered with great intensity inflicting the most pain and probable chance of a knock out.

After delivering the Hook, return back to the starting stance and reverse the movements of the delivery of the Hook.

This would be moving the elbow downward until the elbow points to the ground and the fist-hand has the thumb facing upward once again.

Although the arm is usually returned to the starting position ready for its next move an alternative action is to perform some other technique, depending upon your skills and the position of your opponent after your punch. 


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