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The upper cut punch is a great weapon to add to your arsenal because it can seemingly come from nowhere and attack the chin. It is usually misused which can provide the other fighter a split second to attack but this rarely happens.


The upper cut punch has the main goal of striking the chin which is always the intent as you want to attack this primary knock out spot to either seriously stun your opponent or, ideally, knock out your opponent. The punch comes up from the middle of your opponent's chest and strikes the lower chin. Once striking the chin you must immediately return to start and prepare for your next move. Many, even most, fighters tend to overpunch and end up punching "through" the opponent's chin and end up with their fist several inches above the strike zone of the chin. This is wrong because you tried to use too much power in just the one punch and are left open for an attack while your upper cut is still up in the air. Also, if you missed and your opponent moved out of the way then you are completely open for an attack. A good fighter would see your overextended punch and attack either your lower chest or possibly your head with a hook shot. This seldom happens but a very good fighter will be in close and attack any opening immediately. This is an attribute of a great fighter and an objective in Kung Fu Warriors training.

The upper cut punch has an objective of scrapping your opponent's forearm as you come up to strike the chin. When your opponent uses a forearm close to the body for protection you come up so close that you scrape your opponent's forearm with your fist and followed with your elbow. This serves two purposes, the first being an attack and the second being a trap. The attack isn't intended to knock out or seriously damage your opponent but it causes a split second of unconsciousness. This unconsciousness is when your opponent's entire focus is on only one thing which is the scrapping action.  The trap is the pushing movement of your forearm against your opponent's forearm. Your upward motion is also pushing forward and momentarily immobilizing your opponent.

This attacking weapon seems to come from nowhere because your opponent seldom looks downward and your punch comes from underneath and your fist should already be fairly close to your opponent's body. The punch is a quick snap that pops upward from below your opponent's field of vision. As your opponent looks at you the chin is open and an ideal target. Your fist is near your opponent's mid chest area and very close. You simply bring your fist up into the chin for a surprisingly powerful snap and then return to start.

The upper cut punch is performed with either hand but it is best with your lead hand as it is already out in front and around the level of your opponent's mid-chest. Either hand can be used if you are in a neutral stance. As a Kung Fu Warrior you should have your hands open. Begin clenching you attacking hand into a fist as you start sliding upward toward your opponent's chin. As you move upward, push or arc forward toward your opponent. Strike the bottom of the chin while continuing the forward, arcing motion. This movement has the sole purpose of driving the head backwards somewhat. Immediately after making contact, return to start to perform your next move. The strike of the chin must never be full force nor extended above the nose area of your opponent. This becomes a simple "snap" of your punch and must be limited to this range in the event your opponent moved and/or you missed the chin. This snap eliminates you from being open to an attack from your opponent.

The upper cut punch needs to be performed in close body/head range. It can be performed from a further distance which will have more power in delivery but would also likely be seen by your opponent. This could limit its effectiveness should your opponent block it or avoid it completely. Also, you may likely put too much power in it and over extend your punch. If you did over extend your punch and your opponent avoids the punch you will probably end up well above your opponent's head.

The upper cut punch is a simple move and very effective. It is very useful and has a high probability of doing serious damage to your opponent, even knocking out your opponent and letting you walk away alive!


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